General Diesel Repair Services in Crestview, FL

Whether you own a heavy or medium-duty truck and trailer, an RV, or any other diesel vehicle, at some point, they’ll require a round of servicing to keep them operating in top shape. Southern Commercial Diesel offers a variety of general diesel services to our customers, from mobile and roadside services to a variety of repair options that help keeps our customers’ vehicles up and running.

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Mechanic performing general diesel truck repairs and services at Southern Commercial Diesel LLC
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Whether you operate a truck and trailer, a bus, or any other heavy diesel vehicle there’s a lot that goes into them to make sure they’re running efficiently and effectively. This includes maintenance and repairs. Southern Commercial Diesel is happy to offer its customers in the Crestview area the full gamut of diesel repair and maintenance services to meet all your needs. Not only is our team of technicians highly trained and well-experienced, but we use only top-quality tools and technology to get the job done so you spend more time on the road and less time in the shop.

To get an idea of just some of the services the team at Southern Commercial Diesel can offer you, here are just a few of the repair and maintenance duties we can perform.

HVAC System Repair and Maintenance

Keeping yourself or your driver comfortable is just as important for those long drives as a truck or diesel vehicle that’s functioning properly mechanically. Southern Commercial Diesel will give your diesel vehicle’s HVAC system a complete round of maintenance and if needed, repair. We’ll clean all filters, refill the system’s refrigerant, and inspect and clean the various components like the compressor, fan, and water pump.

Engine Repairs and Rebuilds

A good engine is the heart of any diesel vehicle, so taking good care of it is absolutely paramount. Southern Commercial Diesel offers a full suite of engine maintenance and repair services; we’ll go over every inch of your engine to make sure every part is working as intended and that there are no faults in the system that could cause trouble.

If your engine’s reached the end of its life, or if repairs simply aren’t possible, we’re also capable of performing a full engine rebuild for your diesel vehicle. We’ll strip the entire thing down, clean every inch, and rebuild the system with fully repaired or high-quality replacement parts so it performs as good as it used to, if not better than it did before.

Electrical and Diagnostic Systems

Today’s trucks and other diesel vehicles are highly sophisticated machines. They’re backed not just by precision machine engineering but also by a host of electrical and diagnostic systems that work to not just keep your vehicle running but also provide a sign to the user when things start going wrong. 

A specialty of the team at Southern Commercial Diesel, we use only the latest in diagnostic technology to help diagnose whatever may be wrong with your diesel vehicle’s systems. We can also perform a full routine of repair and maintenance on these diagnostic and electrical systems to make sure they’re functioning properly and giving you the data they’re supposed to.

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